Dedicated To The Removal/Replacement Of The ENTIRE Congress & Administration - KICK THEIR ASSES OUT!


You can't fix stupid, but you can vote it out!



This Congress & Administration have destroyed our country with

little or no concern about the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or our welfare.

November 2014 & 2016 will be our chance to Kick Their Asses Out!


"A Clean Broom Sweeps Clean!"





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Did you notice whom Obama Threatened?


It's incredible that  42% of Americans think that this unqualified, incompetent, dishonorable, ego-driven fraud is doing a good job. Take a moment. Admit it to yourself. You  know who his supporters are. They are the people that YOU support --  financially.


Did you notice whom Obama threatened when he wasn't getting his way on raising the debt ceiling? He threatened NOT to pay:


- Social Security  Retirees
- Military  Retirees
- Social  Security
-  Disability
-Federal  Retirees.


Now let this sink in  really well...


- He did not threaten  to stop payments to illegal aliens.
- He did not  threatened to take frivolous benefits such as Internet access away from violent inmates.
- He did not offer to  fire some of the thousands of unnecessary federal employees that he  hired.
- He did not offer to  cut down on his or his wife's frivolous gallivanting around -- $20 Million already
spent on family vacations. (One Million on a FL golf outing). All our  money ... why not?
- He didn't threaten farm subsidies.
- He did not threaten not to pay the senators and representatives or any of their staff.
- He did not threaten to take benefits away from welfare recipients or to stop the free cell phones they get.
- He did not threaten the food stamp programs.
- He did not threaten to reduce payments in foreign aid.
- He did not threaten to cut back on anything that involves his base voters.
- The list could go on  and on. He is in full political mode!


Why are we allowing this person to destroy this wonderful country with his selfishness and his lies?  Have WE lost our blooming minds!!!!!!!!


His type of change is killing our country. He needs to be stopped.

Do not forget about his tactics when it's election time 2014.

Get out and Vote in the mid-term election - 2014. Support the people in the House and Senate that are willing to cut taxes and spending.


Let's make 2014 - the beginning of a turn-around. Forget change. We want our $$$$$$$$$ back and we want to take our country back!



In God We Trust






I Will Destroy America







When Bill Clinton expounds on his Administration & "Accomplishments,"

you need to remember that he is taking credit for what a Republican Majority

in the House and Senate accomplished. Clinton only signed the Bills!


Bill Clinton DID NOT engineer/draft any of them - Not one!





Obama & Pelosi's Definition of Being Transparent?




Quote of the Year!


"If you've got a business---------you didn't build that.
        Somebody else made that happen."

"If you are claiming you got bin Laden------you didn't do that.
       Somebody else made that happen."
                                           A Vietnam Vet




"Try and fathom the hypocrisy of a Government that requires every citizen

to prove they are insured, but not everyone must prove they are a citizen"





Original Chinese Proverb:

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

New Liberal Proverb:

Give a man a welfare check, a cell phone, cash for his clunker, food stamps, section 8

housing, Medicaid, 100 weeks of unemployment checks, a 40-ounce malt liquor, needles,

drugs, contraceptives, and designer Air Jordan shoes and he will vote Democrat for a lifetime.



The Einstein Hypothesis:





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